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Fujian mindong industry cluster of small and medium-sized motor rapid rise

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Released recently, the state ministry of science and technology in 2012 the first batch of small and mid-sized enterprise technology innovation fund project issued announcement, the small and medium-sized motor and fujian mindongNew type of industrial cluster construction first 50 national innovation fund projects, endowment funds of 32.69 million yuan.

Ningde is cradle "mindong motor" enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad. After many years development, cultivate mindong motor industry growing, China top industry setsGroup, as one of the 32 focus on cultivating industrial cluster of fujian province. More than 800 have all kinds of motor and supporting enterprises, more than 60000 employees, products cover electricMachine, waterpumps, generators, gasoline and diesel generating sets, electronic health care medical equipment and so on more than 10 categories, more than 200 series, more than 1000 specifications. More than 70% of the electricity Machine products are exported to Europe, America, Africa, southeast Asia and so on more than 140 countries and regions, exports accounted for about a third of the Chinese products, industry output value aboveMore than 40 billion yuan, as "national top industry cluster".

In fujian province in 2011 small and mid-sized enterprise technology innovation fund management center, under the promoting of mindong innovative small and medium-sized motor industry cluster as a fourth of the country And the second national innovation fund projects of industrial cluster in fujian province.

Around solve the key technical problems, which restrict the development of the industry to implement national and provincial, municipal key projects of science and technology as the carrier, to gather innovative elements of collaborative innovation, the introduction of a number of major scientific and technological achievements. Such as yanam motor group on the local government carefully establish the platform of "production, study and research", the "marriage" of the Chinese academy of sciences,China academy of launch vehicle technology, Shanghai jiaotong university, has successfully developed SLG three-phase brushless synchronous generator, water-cooled asynchronous motor, such as series of new products,The annual output has grown at the rate of 25% ~ 30%. Companies for new energy automotive industry research and development of hydrogen fuel generator, has been included in the 863 national science and technology plan projects.