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The micro motor industry in our country the status quo

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Since the 1980 s, the micro motor of domestic demand is growing. Our country has introduced more than 50 production lines, to achieve 25 categories, 60 series,400 varieties and 2000 specifications mass production scale, micro &special motor. The main products are brush, small power ac motor, permanent magnet dc motor and straightFlow series motor and cover pole motor, stepping motor, vibration motor (mobile phone), etc.

1999 micro &special motor output of about 3 billion units in China, in which the output of private and state enterprises around 250 million units, enterprise production of about 1.2 billion, the output of Hong KongAbout 1.4 billion units (Johnson, 1.2 billion), Taiwan's production of about 180 million units. Production is about 3.9 billion, 2000, accounted for 60% of global production.

High technical content of the micro motor, such as precision brushless motor, synchronous motor of high speed, high precision stepper motor, flake winding brushless motor, high-performance barServe motor and has not been a new principle of ultrasonic motor structure domestic commercial or batch production ability. So domestic of high precision micro &special motor still rely on My mouth. According to customs statistics, the annual foreign exchange from 1995 to 2000 increased by 26.9%, although a 4.81% increase in 2001, and $1.197 billion.