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    The working state of the real-time online detection machine, thus changing the input voltage. When they tested the motor in the light load or changing load, by thyristor can at bestAdjust the input of the motor voltage within a fraction of a second, make the output power of motor and real-time load match, just so as to effectively reduce the power loss of motor, improvedMotor start-up, stop performance, to achieve the effect of power saving.
1, power saving effect is remarkable, power saving rate is as high as 10% - 30%.Host 
2, products (not including switch, indicator light, header) parts, warranty 10 years, life-long maintenance.
3, the phased adjustment power saving technology, do not produce higher harmonic, the output is always full of sine wave, for grid pollution-free, wired, wireless signal to the userSignals are without any interference.
4, reduce system load, and improve the capacity of power supply system.
5, inhibition of surge current (start).
6, balance and voltage, the equipment running more stable.
7, to reduce the temperature of the equipment, prolong the service life of equipment.
8, restrain harmonic and noise, improve equipment efficiency.
9, free maintenance, no set of personnel management.